Rico WiL - 36 Times

Rico the Artist

Since Rico was a child, music has always been in his blood. At the early age of 8, Rico started performing as a singer. His talents were inspired by legendary artists such as Michael Jackson and The Temptations. As he grew older, his passion for music evolved with a new found apt for rapping. Insipired by the works of Jay-z and Notorious BIG Rico started rapping at the age of 10. His current style incorporates the dynamics of rapping and singing coupled with his unique swagger - bringing to light a new genre of music Rico calls Swag N Blues.

Rico the Producer

Rico started playing the piano at age 9 and evolved to a beat machine by the age of 10. His favorite chord progression is A flat Maj7th mastering programs FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reason, Protools, MPC, and Garage Band. He has a passion for melodic dark sounding sequences over piano.

Rico the Engineer

Rico has been engineering his whole life, mastering and holding preference to ProTools. His specializes in using tools such as Izotope 5, Vocal Rider, and RCompressor. His affinity towards engineering lies within his ability to translate the sounds in his head to artistic fruition.

Rico Wil Music

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